We are happy that you are interested in our „Galerie Minimal“. Here you find all the information you need. If you want to work with us please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can use the form at the bottom of this page or you can send us an email to We look forward to hearing from you and experience your work.

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Galerie Minimal is the first gallery for minimalist photography in Germany. Founded by Florian Wassily Kazimirski and Fabian Willi Simon, it aims at become the European hub of modern minimalist photography.

We are looking for international minimalist photographers, curating for them exhibitions and selling photographs, which are limited to a maximum of 50 prints in museum quality. All for a fair price for customers and a fair share for the artists.



Berlin is the modern art metropolis in the heart of Europe and a magnet for artists and art buyers from all over the world. Numerous large and small galleries present their artists, bringing together collectors, producers and journalists.

In addition to our regular shows, in which we present different artists, there are also solo exhibitions to delve deeper into the work of individual photographers.


We love photography and market every photographer individually and enthusiastically in our portfolio. Whether in our gallery, at fairs or art markets across Europe, or in pop-up galleries throughout Germany and beyond.

Close contact with our artists is particularly important to us. We want to know what moves you, what you experience and what drives you. We will tell your story in our Gallery, online and offline.



Being artists ourselves, we understand the high standards that every photographer holds towards his prints. Therefore we produce museum-quality prints, together with the best FineArt producers in Berlin.

Only high quality pigment colors and noble papers from Hahnemühle are used. The artist is always part of the process and always can contribute with his ideas and preferences. In addition to every print, our customers receive a certificate of authenticity from us.
From marketing over production to exhibition and sales. Our focus is to provide this to you so you can focus on telling your story through your art. Become a part of Gallery Minimal! We look forward to hearing from you and experience your work. Write us an Email: or use the form at the end.

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With this form you can send us your informations and attach your portfolio as a PDF (only) I you got any questions or face any problems please write us an Email to
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Hier findest du Antworten auf die häufigsten Fragen, die Künstler uns stellen.

Werden alle meine Bilder in der Galerie ausgestellt?

In der Regel schicken uns Künstler eine Serie von ca 10-20 Bildern. Alle Arbeiten werden in unserer Online Galerie vor- und ausgestellt. Aus allen Einsendungen der Künstler wird dann eine Auswahl für die nächste Werkschau kuratiert. Allerdings gibt es auch Sonderausstellungen einzelner Künstler. Hier wird die gesamte Serie gezeigt.

Wer trägt die Kosten für die Ausstellung?

Alle Kosten für die Ausstellungen übernimmt die Galerie Minimal. Dazu gehören alle Produktionskosten, sowie weitere Kosten für die Veranstaltung. Leider können wir den Künstler_innen nicht die Anreise und/oder Unterkunft erstatten. Wir kümmern uns für euch natürlich gern um eine kostenlose oder zumindest kostengünstige Unterkunft in Berlin.

Wie sieht die Galerie Minimal aus?

Alle Informationen über unseren Ausstellungsraum haben wir hier zusammengefasst.

Wie viele Ausstellungen pro Jahr gibt es?

Wir wissen es nicht genau. Momentan streben wir an, 4 Werkschauen pro Jahr zu veranstalten. Dazu kommen Einzelausstellungen. Die Erfahrung der nächsten Monate wird es zeigen 🙂